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Mr Jeremy Smith.    He says that he is a "World Citizen" by nationality.  Born in Hertford (50km North of London) he has lived and worked in Latvia for 11 years, China for one year, Israel for two and half, India for 8 months and many parts of western Europe.

Jeremy Smith humbly challenges the higher level educational institutions to understand that the people who bring the most profound changes are not only those who are educated in Universities and colleges but instead are self-taught.  This is called
 autodidacticism - self education or self-directed learning. However, he did attend college to become a teacher by profession and a carpenter by trade, and later on in his life, a property developer - also self-taught.  It was his love of woodworking earlier in life, developed in school in every spare moment that gave him the necessary skills to work as a volunteer in Israel, maintaining and renovating the Historic Places in Haifa and Akka.

Before this he also worked as a volunteer at the Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India, where thousands of people would visit each day, including politicians and their wives and other dignitaries. 

In his younger days he was very interested in out-door sports such as rock-climbing and windsurfing and trained as a windsurfing instructor.

Mr Smith is also concerned about social issues and wrote to the secretary to Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth about an issue of Her awards to distinguished people who have given service to society.  The reply on Her behalf can be read
here. His letter was then passed to 10 Downing St (their reply)  and onward to the Cabinet Office (their reply)

Now he is focusing on Kenya, to develop a pilot project of sustainable development in agriculture using domestic and farm biogas, drip irrigation, affordable poly tunnels and inexpensive agricultural machines.

He believes that "work is worship" and our purpose in life is to serve people.  He also developed a course,
global-civilization which he taught in universities and colleges in Latvia and China,  helping people to understand our world and the meaning of life through the medium of English which has become the main global language of communication.
You can download Mr Jeremy Smith's CV here:
CV - Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith - Bahai Service History
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Teaching Diploma UK document

Jelgava University, Latvia
Guangxi Foreign Language School, Nanning, Chinal Renate Abeltina - Professor of English Literature at Riga University, Latvia


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