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"New Knowledge"

Global Civilization course students

We all know about the 5 outer senses but yet few know that we have 5 inner ones as well. We develop our outer senses in the world of the womb for use in the contingent world. If we only had one of these senses functioning, we would feel handicapped but yet schools mainly focus only on one inner sense - that of memory. Therefore, we are handicapped as we have little or no imagination, thought, comprehension and the common faculty developed.

There are three kinds of education: material, human and spiritual. To know more, enroll on these courses.

"Global Civilization"

global-civilization books

An educational course designed to help improve our spoken and written English and gives confidence by communicating with other people! It is a face to face forum for sharing our ideas. It looks at issues in the world that affect our personal and working lives. It helps us understand our relationships with our family, friends, and classmates, or colleagues at work and the society we live in. It also looks at the wider perspective of our culture and the relationship to the whole world, and to understand historical, scientific and religious events that have helped create the world we live in.

"Ruhi Institute"

Ruhi Institute course books

A series of courses concerned with the spiritual and moral empowerment of individuals to enhance capacity for service. This main sequence of courses is for those 15 and older which includes training to empower those wishing to teach children's classes.

children's class