"social and economic development"
focusing on Kenya
sustainable development:

drip irrigation l natural fertilizer l
l  shipping container housing  l eco products l
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drip irrigation

bio-gas digester


These two machines will shortly be for hire in the Kisumu region in Kenya. You can find out more by contacting me. 
walking tractor
towable backhoe
house for sale - see video
     house made from tyres
modular housing

Haifa, Israel
New Project:
made from 9 shipping containers
living space and workshop click here for
container configuration
An educational course designed to help improve our spoken and written English and gives confidence by communicating with other people! It is a face to face forum for sharing our ideas. It looks at issues in the world that affect our personal and working lives. It helps us understand our relationships with our family, friends, and classmates, or colleagues at work and the society we live in. It also looks at the wider perspective of our culture and the relationship to the whole world, and to understand historical, scientific and religious events that have helped create the world we live in.

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