• made from 25 mm diameter steel tubing, black netting and plastic tubing for the feet

  • each hoop is made in 4 pieces - 2m long and joined on site for ease of transportation

  • the hoops are placed at 2m intervals and are secured in the ground with plastic feet to stop corrosion

  • joined to each other by nylon string and secured at each end to pegs in the ground

  • the netting is sewn together and can come in different percentage grades to filter the sun's rays, thus reducing the heat and protecting from birds and insects

  • the hoops span at 5.4m and 2.25m high

  • the tunnel in the pictures is 10m long

"Black Netting Tunnel Project"

the black netting tunnel

the entrance (closed with velcro)

looking inside

the grow bags put in lines of two together

one tomato plant in each grow bag

a closer look with our special mix of soil

seed trays with different varieties of tomato

seeds put in special compost

the tomatoes are growing

another close up

the strings are now in place

the tomatoes will grow up the strings

the mixing process of the soil

clay soil (black cotton or murram)

sandy soil

silty soil (sugar cane waste)

steam cleaner to eradicate pests in the soil

compost chamber

compost covered with polythene

grow bag welder

welding the polythene

the end result - grow bag with 11kg of soil

rain water collection - along the guttering

to the pipe to the tank

from both sides of the house and water tower

solar pump to elevate the water to tank on tower

some of the team


followed by consultation

unity in diversity


The Black Netting Tunnel System:
  • reduces the rays of the sun stopping plants from scorching and drying out too quickly

  • reduces the amount of water need to irrigate the plants

  • increases crop production per square metre of land making it suitable for small farms

  • uses grow bags to stop disease and root competition

  • stops attack from birds and flying insects

  • reduces the amount of water necessary for irrigation