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Soil Technology:

It is essential to amend the soil in many parts of Africa where there are the following soil types:
  • black cotton soil
  • murram soil
  • sandy soil

These soils have too much clay and/or have little organic humus resulting in:
  • poor growth and low crop yields
  • poor water retention or flooding
  • root destruction when soil is dry

With no winters to destroy unwanted pests and diseases, soil bound insects will eat the roots of western vegetables and multiply unchecked and attack the valuable crop.

This can be solved by mixing different types of earth using clay, sandy and silty soils and then steam cleaning the mixture.

Mixing can be done by hand or mixer (photo - top)
The picture below shows the steamer and a liquid fertilizer distiller with a compost chamber in the rear.
mixing the different soils to make the correct ph value

steamer, liquid fertilizer maker and compost chamber